What Happens When You Cum

Research shows that men are not on their best behavior when they’ve just cum. That is why I am such a fan of orgasm control. He is much more attentive when he’s doing his best get my permission for release, and  he will be so much more grateful when I eventually do allow him to orgasm. I know every time you, or if you’re lucky, someone else, grabs your dick you want to cum.  With a Cock Control Mistress that just can’t be the case!

Side Benefits Of Orgasm Control

I love to see a man “standing to attention”.   Mostly, I love the fact that I’m the one who has made him so hard, so horny, so drippy.  During a really long tease and denial session, it’s bound to go limp at some point.  Then I get to use my tricks of prolonging the erection. I like like tying up the whole thing.  Something around the base of the cock, then around your balls and down the sack, splitting your balls in two – perfect for CBT, too!  Or, if If don’t want to so all that work, a cock ring works well.   Two – one at the base, the other right below your head is even better!  The great thing is, it may go (semi-)soft but without having ejaculated, it will grow hard very quickly anytime I want, which is just too much fun.

Punishment And Orgasm Control

Sometimes my stroker sluts are just bad bois!  Punishment therefore includes stimulation while his hands are tied. I know it’s agonizing, but it works wonders for attitude improvement. I love the complete freedom it gives me to do whatever I like with his cock and balls. I can do it for as long as I like, including the option to let him cool off. bringing him ever so close to the edge, then backing off.  Think I don’t know when you’re close?  Your cock gets even harder and throbs.  Your scrotum is heavy and tight. Blurring the lines between pain and pleasure.  All by playing – or not playing – with his cock. And allowing – or not allowing – him to come. All at my discretion. .  Sometimes I have already decide beforehand whether he’ll be allowed to cum or not, sometimes I decide while he’s at it.  And yes, you may be very, very grateful that you get to come as often as you do!