Cuckold Roleplay

There can be an infinite number of ways you can roleplay cuckold scenes.  They can be pure fantasy, where your wife (or fiancée, girlfriend, FWB), tells you in startling detail just how she’s fucked another guy.  You can be a voyeur cuckold who listens intently by the door to her screams and his grunts and moans, the sound of their bodies slapping together.  Or maybe you’re a full-service cuck who fluffs her Bulls than cleans up the creampie when they’re all done.  The question is, is she a Hot Wife or a Cuckoldress?


The Hot Wife

A Hot Wife in my view is any wife with permission to play.  So, while every Cuckoldress is a Hot Wife, not every Hot Wife is a Cuckoldress.  Some men are just into sharing their wives.  They enjoy seeing her with other men or know she’s just got a higher sex drive and needs more cock.  Maybe their wife really wants to be spit-roasted and they’re happy to find a third to fulfill that fantasy. Or even a fourth, if her fantasy is to have all her holes filled at once and be made “airtight”!   A lot of Hot Wives and their partners are more into Stag/Vixen/Buck relationships, (think Cuckold/Hot Wife/Bull) than what would be considered cuckolding.

The Cuckoldress

What I have with my callers is a Cuckoldress relationship.  A Cuckoldress is a Hot Wife who emphasizes her dominance in the sexual relationship.  Cuckolding him may have been his fantasy, but once she was aware of it, she defined the fantasy.  A Cuckoldress fucks who she wants, when she wants, and usually brings humiliation into the scene. Maybe it is SPH, coerced bi- play, feminization, cocksucking, or cum eating.  If your Mistress/Wife is cuckolding you, she’s a cuckoldress!