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Encounter With A Keyholder

So, usually, after I get back from one of my kinky vacations, you are all so desperate to hear about all my adventures.  Not this time.  Oh, that’s a totally different kind of denial, isn’t it?  All of you, dicks in one hand, clicking on the blog, then getting denied!  So anyway, I’m not going to talk about what I did to Jack.  Instead, I’m going to tell you all about an interesting person I met while waiting to fly to New York.

Is That A Chastity Key?

Jack and I were waiting for our flight, and one of the things we love to do is people watch.  We make up stories and generally amuse ourselves.  Well, at one point, this couple walked through and sat down at the gate across from us.  Now, our local airport isn’t that big, so as I looked across, I could see, dangling on her necklace a small key.  Have you ever noticed a lady with a small key on her necklace?  I thought maybe it’s for her luggage or her jewelry box. Then she reached in her bag, pulled out a small package, said something to the guy she was with and handed it to him.  He got up, lightly blushing, and made his way towards the restrooms.  I turned to Jack with an evil grin and said: “I’ll bet he’s in chastity!”

She’s A Keyholder

Now, I locked Jack’s cock up before we left, and used a plastic lock so it wouldn’t set off the metal detector, but she was having him lock up now…or so I thought.  He returned about 5 minutes later.  All the while, she was toying absentmindedly with the key, little smiles on her face.  What else could make her smile so then know her boy toy was in chastity?  Shortly after he returned, she got up and went to the Ladies.  I told Jack I had to find out and followed her in.  And you know Ms. Delia! There was no hesitation at all as I saw her at the sink and said “Excuse me?  That key you’re wearing.  Would you mind telling me what it’s for?”

She smiled a wide grin and said: “It’s for my husband’s chastity cage!”

BOOM!  Well, let’s just say if you want to know what else we talked about, you’ll need to call and I’ll give you all the details!