Ms. Delia’s Schedule – And a BIRTHDAY Celebration!

**This is a sticky post through the month of September. Look below for newer blogs this month!**

Ms. Delia’s Schedule

Well stroker, slaves, sluts and sissies, if you need to be controlled by the lovely and sexy Ms. Delia, make sure you schedule your time. September is my BIRTHDAY MONTH, and the 26th is  my actual birthday, so this is an interesting month for me!

Once again it is time for me to head out for a kinky cruise with my subby hubby Jack!  I will be gone from Saturday, September 8, and I will be back on Monday, September 17.  If you want to make sure you get to speak to me before then, do make an appointment with me.  That way I can put sexy and fun time aside just for us! I will miss you, but will return recharged and even kinkier! *If you really missed me, email me: as I will have some availability on the 16th from the evening on!

Stroking Instructions

While I’m away, I have some guided masturbation instructions for you. I want two daily stroking sessions from you, each 30 minutes long, with as many edges as you can take.  NO CUMMING!   Remember, your cock and your cum belong to Ms. Delia, so just stroke and tease yourself.  See how I can control your cock, even when I’m in the middle of the ocean?  Keep track of how many edges you had while I  was away, then give me a call when I get back and let me know what a good stroker you were!

It’s Ms. Delia’s Birthday Celebration When I Return

Every year, I get questions about gifts.I am just so touched and thankful! Those are just so generous and warm my heart, truly!! This year, I am focusing on two things. The first is sex toys because after asking for the 2 years ago, they have been used lots! And there are new ones. Also, I am creating a Zen Yoga room in a bonus space.

Think of it as a Mistress Cave! So Gift cards from Amazon would be lovely. And as you know, I try to take pictures with any gifts which is always a FUN activity! And thank you so much for honoring my special day!

Thinking of getting me a birthday gift? Check out my wishlist

Now, what’s the celebration you ask?  Well, September 26 is Ms. Delia’s official birthday!  I should be in a very good mood that day, so as long as you can hold out and give me those stroking session every day, you might have a good chance I’ll take pity on you and allow you a full release.  Especially since you will have denied yourself for 18 days!

Be good strokers, and we’ll see if you earn your reward when I get back!