On my birthday in September, I had a wonderful call with the very BEST cum eater. It is a yearly tradition, and this year we came up with something new! Have a read of the email my cum eater sent:
We connected on your Birthday for the second year of what is going to be our annual tradition, CUM on chocolate cake.
But chocolate cake got changed into chocolate cum pudding this year thanks to you! You cum up with special ways to mix up food and cum!!!
On this call, you were having me take the fork, get a piece of chocolate cake, dip it in my 12 saved cum loads and swish it around to eat it for you! But crumbs kept falling in! Pieces were breaking off! You were so fantastic at thinking on your feet and improvising you decided to have me just put as much cake in the glass as possible and STIR IT UP! Ms. Delia said,“Keep stirring, mix the cake and your cum really well…Let me see it…Ha ha! it looks just like pudding now! chocolate cum pudding!”
Another one of Delia’s CUM concoctions was born on the spot!
The best part? I got to eat it for YOU ON YOUR BIRTHDAY on CAM! As you know by now, I absolutely luv ya Mistress Delia!
You are one reason I like the taste of my own jizz these days, and slurping up the NEW and IMPROVED MISTRESS DELIA’S CHOCOLATE CUM PUDDING was the best!!!! The texture was smooth and creamy just like pudding and warm like fresh cum! I could taste the flavor of my jizz and the chocolate simultaneously!
You really are brilliant Delia! It’s why I LOVE any call with you! For you, Delia, Eating My Own CUM makes for a perfect day!
If you want to eat your own cum, just give me, Ms. Delia a call!