New Submissive Starting Out

Ms. Delia loves breaking in new submissives. You come to me with all your expectations, but hopefully no bad habits.  I get to train you and mold you to become a submissive any Mistress would be proud of.  And it’s wonderful to be the sexy dominant woman you choose to explore all of these taboo activities and desires with.  The one you tell your darkest, most secret fantasies.

Exposing Your Submissive Self

We have to start somewhere, and I usually like to begin with you getting naked for me.  Physically, you have nothing to hide from me, and being naked in front of a fully clothed Domme makes you feel vulnerable and exposed.  Not only can’t you hide your body, but you won’t be able to hide your thoughts or your feelings either.  Tell me everything you’ve thought of while you’ve stroked that cock late into the night.  Nothing will surprise me.

Submissive Fantasies Can Come True

Only by telling me what gets you hottest, what gets that cock dripping pre-cum. That is how I can make those fantasies a reality.  Are you a stroking slut who needs their cock controlled?  Do you want to become a sexy sissy?  Maybe you want your mouth and ass filled with cock?  We Mistresses have heard it all, and while we may humiliate you for your desires, that’s part of the turn-on, isn’t it?  The Mistress you want to be with should never make you feel ashamed of what you wish to do.  It’s all about having fun.  And as long as everyone involved consents, as long as it’s safe, then there’s nothing wrong with your fantasies.