If you are new to the world of cock control, it can be a little confusing. But, you can provide me with the necessary information I need to tease and toy with you very quickly. I love emails before a new session, and you can email me your answers to the following questions before our first session so I know which buttons to push and which topics to avoid if I want to keep you aching and begging.

Oh, I REALLY do love it when you beg me! Mmm. You will find that out, I am sure!

Tell Me About:

  1. Orgasm denial/delay – Have you tried orgasm delay or denial? Is it mostly fantasy or is it a regular part of your sexual activity?
  2. Your habits – How long do you typically go between orgasms? What is the longest you have gone in denial?
  3. Male chastity – Do you have an interest in male chastity? If so, please share your interest and experience with that fetish.
  4. Your interests – What other sexual fetishes, words, triggers, and porn excite you? Are there words or phrases that excite you? 
  5. Your limits – Are there words, phrases, or topics that turn you off? Examples: pain play, humiliation, bisexual experiences, cum eating, etc.
  6. Your call – How long do you usually like to chat? How often do you usually like to call? Do you enjoy guided masturbation during the call? Do you prefer roleplay calls or just discussing experiences and fantasies? Are you interested in extending our relationship beyond the call through assignments and email?

If you take a few moments to send this information off to me, it will settle your mind, and make you ready for control…total cock control by Mistress Delia!