Keeping You On The Edge

I love keeping you on the edge of an orgasm during a long, drawn-out tease and denial session. It leaves your balls blue and aching.  The more you edge, the longer you stay on the edge of an orgasm. The more cum your balls churn out,and the more swollen and full they become.  That then leads naturally to what I really enjoy your begging.  I just love hearing desperate stroke sluts beg for release!

Masturbation Endurance

Edging will also help you with masturbation endurance.  As you edge more and more, you can keep stroking and begging for me, without going over the edge.  You do want to keep edging for me, don’t you?  You do want to please your Mistress with your pathetic begging when doing my masturbation games and challenges, don’t you?

Your Edging Challenge

A while ago, I  wrote a post about Interval Training For Masturbation Endurance and we talked about edging.  Doing slow stroking, then a period of fast, almost insane stroking, then relaxing, then doing it again and again.  Edging and self-control are key to do this!

Your edging challenge, should you choose to accept it, is to do fast cock stroking (cock sprints) until you edge, hold the edge for 30 seconds, then hands off for 30 seconds.  then do it all over again.  Give me at least 10 sets.  But, if you really want to challenge yourself, keep doing it until you just can’t anymore.  Until you feel if you did one more cock sprint and hold, you’d surely cum.  Don’t do that cock sprint, just put your cock away and let your balls ache for Ms. Delia.