Safewords and Limits

Everyone has limits.   Any sub who says he doesn’t have limits is not being truthful with himself or his Dominant.  There are Hard Limits and Soft Limits.  Some submissives don’t engage in cross-dressing, ever.  Some are never going to suck a cock, no matter how much I tell them it turns me on.  Those are hard limits. Some like light pain, but can not do high-threshold pain. Safewords are very important in any and all sessions for your mental and physical safety.  Sometimes a triggering of some deep-rooted emotion can happen and you NEED to stop. You have to use a safeword!

Pushing limits can lead to a better understanding of what those limits are, and in some cases, can turn a soft limit into an “Oh my God, that was great!  We need to do that more!” moment.

Pushing Limits with a Safeword

Preparation is the key.  Sometimes, I just need to let out my sweetly sadistic side during our distance domination call. There’s a lot of talking beforehand, of what I plan on doing and which limits I intend to push.  The most important part of that talk, however, is to make sure the submissive understands I EXPECT him to use his safeword.  Let me tell you, limit-pushing sessions are some of the hottest.  The submissive knows he’s given me everything he has and I know I’ve taken him to a new level.

You Need Safewords!

Even if you’re not pushing limits, even if you are engaging in play that you enjoy and you have done a hundred times before, you need safewords, and these can be discussed during your BDSM negotiations.  If your Mistress is giving you a nice thorough ass fuck, what would you do if she hits the wrong spot, or you need more lube?  I wouldn’t want you to continue enduring the pain, it might turn you off of strap-on play, and we can’t have that!  You’re in bondage, and this time, she tied the ropes just a little too tight, and your hands and feet are starting to fall asleep?  Or, she’s immobilized you in cling wrap, and you’re having trouble breathing?  These are all things you have to make her aware of, so you can all have a great session!

What is your safeword for a scene? Let M. Delia know, and I will make sure you feel comfortable using your safeword in a session with me!