Small Penis Slavehood 

When you have a small penis, it is normal to become a slave. Yes, you can grow into a better man in many ways through small penis slavehood, but your cock, on the other hand, will never grow at all. Size DOES matter! That nub is what has caused your slavehood. You are who you are because of the small size of the only thing that matters to women! You could be fit, toned, smart, rich, and the total package, except you do not have a good package, the kind women want. So you are best as a small penised slave!

Small Penis Humiliation 

A slave’s small penis is a source of great amusement for me as I tease and torment small cocks daily and offer humiliation assignments for them to perform. Many men with tiny cockettes are required to stay locked for me in chastity, because they should not have any pleasure if they can give no pleasure.

Small Penis Denial

I have renamed small cocks things like cockette, nub, clitty, or pimple because they are not real cocks. When a woman says the word, COCK, she immediately thinks of one that is satisfying to her. A tiny clit stick is not a real cock, and women will dislike it. Simple. A humiliated man with a small penis is very well aware that he can never satisfy any woman sexually in the traditional sense. So really, the only option for him is orgasm denial to keep him in such a state of mental and physical arousal that he will do anything to please a woman. Denial may be the only help for a small penised man!

Do you have a small penis? Tell Ms. Delia all about it! Better yet, send me a picture so I can laugh!!