Stroke Those Blue Balls

I love when you stroke until your balls are blue!  I’ll say it another way.  I love being a cocktease, and I love blue balls! Any of you stroker sluts who have called me know how much I just adore giving you the ache, that deep and sexy ache, don’t you? Taking control of your cock and having you stroke for me, keeping you denied and on edge makes me tingly in all the right places.  Listening to you beg and plead for just one moment’s respite from your full, aching balls is music to my ears!

Guided Masturbation Leads To Blue Balls

Deep down inside, I think you love blue balls, too.  Letting me guide your masturbation.  I love telling you just how to stroke, which part of your cock to touch, how soft or hard, and just how fast to stroke.  You wouldn’t let me do that if you didn’t want me bringing you to the edge of orgasm over and over again, now would you? That feeling as your balls begin to churn, producing more and more cum, swelling with all that denied spunk.  You love it.  You crave it.

My Blue Balls Challenge

Ms. Delia challenges you to endure a sexy case of blue balls!  I want you to stroke and edge, stroke and edge.  No, you can’t cum yet!  I want those balls completely full, all swollen and blue.  Then, when you just can’t take it anymore?  That’s when I want you to please your Mistress, pick up the phone, and call me.  Beg me, slut!  Beg me to relive your aching blue balls!