Do you find yourself needing holiday sex toy ideas? I am all about naughty kink toys, so I will share some fun ones with you. Maybe you wanted your…ummm…stocking STUFFED but were not sure what to put in it. I will help! First I will talk about some sex toys that are easy to have on hand. 

Sex Toys You Can Make or Might Have

Frozen Dildo

Do you like to suck and fuck, but can’t hide a dildo? This is perfect for you then! Fill a condom with water, and freeze it. It freezes to the perfect shape. You can add in things like frozen peas into the water before freezing as they will freeze and make nice bumps for you. to use these frozen treats, I suggest keeping on the condom and having all the fun. Feel the sexy cold of an icy dildo in your ass. Now, a note of caution. Do not leave the dildo in for more than 5 minutes at a time. No frostbite! Cleanup with this is easy! Just throw the ice in the sink and let it melt away. 

Warming Lube

Combine this with the cool toy above for hot and cold pleasure! This warms you up for winter and makes sex sexier! You may even have it in your home! Sensation play is such fun.

Kitchen Implement Sex Toys

If you have a kitchen drawer, there are very likely implements in it you can use to spank your naughty ass. Got a wooden spoon set? Perfect! Never be afraid to shop around your house for hidden in plain sight sex toys! Your slippers can become harsh spankers. A candle can add wax and temperature play to your fun. Clothespins can go SO many places to clip and clamp. I have so many ideas for household sex toys!

The New Year means it’s time for a sultry new toy. I am going to recommend a couple of them that I have used and that I like. 

The Tenga Flip Hole Masturbator

This Tenga Flip Hole Male Masturbator is unlike anything you’ve seen before! It features a two-piece design; the soft stroking portion that you can flip open to fill with lube before use or to clean up after use, and a slide cap used to hold it together.  The texture of this toy is unbeatable, clearly designed with a man’s needs and the feel of a real woman in mind. As you penetrate, you’ll experience small, medium, and large nubs; soft and tight ridges to grip you in all the right places, and even a gorgeously textured end orb that hugs the tip of your cock beautifully!

If you thought the texture sounded orgasmically great, wait until you hear about the control this toy can give you- or your cockteasing Mistress! This battery-free toy features three large buttons to maximize sensation. As you stroke, you can squeeze the middle button to increase pressure and sensation through your entire shaft. For more pinpointed pleasure, squeeze the bottom button to make the opening a bit tighter and tease the base of your cock. If you want your stroking session to get really intense really fast, squeeze the button at the tip and maximize sensation to the very sensitive tip of your cock!

As amazing as this toy is, it doesn’t look like a sex toy! It should blend in nicely on any nightstand, which means it can always be at your fingertips for a hot stroking session with Ms. Delia!

The “How May I Help You” Gag!

This Humiliation Gag is exactly what it sounds like, a sexy and innovative gag designed to be used with a number of different attachments, all aimed toward serving and pleasing your Mistress.

The exterior of this gag is made of smooth and gorgeous leather; while the interior of this gag is lined with neoprene. It fits like a bit gag and is more than comfortable for wearing for long periods of time, though I’m sure whatever servitude your Mistress has in mind for you will be a little less comfortable and a little sexier! Attached over the bit gag portion is an aluminum tube meant to fit the available attachments.

The Serving Tray

It is a great attachment for any submissive in need of training. On a call where I’ve got you on webcam, this serving tray would be the perfect way to have you show me what toys you have available for me to play with, one by one. It’ll be one hell of a tease to have your favorite dildos right before your eyes as you show them off to me, wondering which one I might decide to fuck you with.

The Feather Duster

This attachment is a gorgeous addition to any Sissy Maid outfit! I know my Sissy Maids could always improve their dusting skills, especially with their habit of leaving little droplets of precum around areas they were just asked to clean. The best part? If I don’t see you dusting to my satisfaction, I could always place a feather duster butt plug in the other end and have you shake your tailfeathers to prove to me that you are the ever-efficient Sissy Maid I’ve trained you to be.

The Dildo Attachment

This is a truly gorgeous cock. This is the perfect toy for a cuckold fantasy, especially with a side of Small Penis Humiliation. Not only can I tease you about your dildo gag between your lips being so much bigger than the prick between your legs, but how beautifully humiliating a fantasy would it be for you to earn the privilege of fucking me with this toy, knowing that not only will your dick not get to feel the pleasure of my sweet pussy, but your gagged mouth means you won’t even get to taste the pleasure you’re giving me!

Do you have favorite Holiday sex toys? Remember to BEG for Mistress Delia and let me know all your naughty secrets.