Why Plan Kink In 2020

Kink Mistress Delia 800-601-6975You need to plan kink in 2020. Maybe you have never called before, but are curious about a sexy session. If we’ve talked on the phone or you have been following my blog you already know that I can be an extremely naughty yet dominant mistress.  I know enjoy being owned and controlled so I may just be the kinky Mistress for you. Although I enjoy all types of kinky sex, my main sexual motivation is control, especially orgasm control, cock control, and mind control. We each have our own little unique naughty kinks that get us in that special space leaving us trembling and breathless. For you its relinquishing erotic control. For me, it ís a seduction and your submission feeds an essence deep within me. Let’s face it, we can’t get this erotic seduction anywhere else. Make it your goal to plan kink in 2020 and bring in a Mistress.

2 Sides of the Same Coin

We are on opposite sides of the same, naughty coin. You submit, and I dominate.  We have our own little naughty world. You agree to my rules and I agree to guide you and provide you with a safe fulfilling journey. In order for this wonderful dynamic to successfully work, we must be compatible.  Being the clever Mistress I am, I know what it takes to fulfill my end of the relationship.  I reply to your emails quickly, address your concerns, and help guide you so that we both have wonderful kinky phone sex sessions. Always attentive to your desires, I want to make you feel absolutely extraordinary!

Our kink time could include naughty sissy training, erotic humiliation, cuckold fantasies, erotic sexy role-play, female supremacy, total cock control even with chastity, sensual domination or more hardcore female domination.  I am very open-minded, easy to talk to and able to offer you the best femdom phone sex session you’ve ever had!

Kink Mistress Delia 800-601-6975Beyond Kink Phone Sex

Do you want to take kinky phone sex to the next level and connect with me, mind to mind, intimately? Men that truly want to ignite my dominant sex drive and make my panties wet are the men I love to dominate. They are intelligent, creative, sensitive and VERY naughty. Can you be nasty and perverted for me?  Absolutely email me in-between our fantasy phone sex calls to tell me you are thinking about me and share a naughty fantasy or confession. I want to control your mind, your cock, your orgasms and essentially own that submissive and kinky part of you.

Plan BDSM Sessions

It all begins with a phone call. What if I could show you how to explore the very aspects of deep submission safely and without interrupting your already existing environment? Are you married and unable to introduce your wife to your sexual kink emotional needs? I know you need to a Mistress like me to help you figure this out, and I am happy to guide your sexy exploration!

My hours vary, however, I am usually available during the day, then later at night. I am not generally around on weekends. If you don’t see me logged on you can send me an adoring email to see if I might be available to talk to you. Delia@enchantrixempire.com

My Kink Vacation

I will be away on January 4th and will return on January 17th, enjoying fun and frolic in the sun and will be all recharged when I get back. I will visit five tropical destinations, do some snorkeling, hiking, and touring. The sun and views will make Mistress very refreshed. It is a great time to plan your kink session with me now before I go.

I bet you will miss me, so I have a porn assignment for you while I am away.  You can also hear my voice on my podcast with Ms. Olivia over on The Weekly Hot Spot Blog.  I know I will be busily immersed in kink when I return here! But I will be sure to return all emails and approve all blog comments on January 17th when I return. I want you to plan kink in 2020 with me!

Let Ms. Delia know your kink plan for the new year!