Guided Masturbation Delia 800-601-6975Do you ever wonder about guided masturbation? Maybe it makes you curious and excited at the same time to think of a dominant woman controlling your stroking. As one who simply loves guided masturbation, one of the things I love to do is bring you to orgasm in ways you never thought possible.  Some days I will tease and deny you until you think you can’t take it anymore, and other days I want you to relax and concentrate on the feelings throughout your entire body.

Mindful Guided Masturbation Tease

  • Begin slowly stroking your cock and deeply breathe while you’re doing it. Inhale for a count of 4. Hold for 2. Exhale for a count of 6 the entire time.
  • Bring yourself to the edge and stop all sensation. Even remove your hand if that helps.
  • Squeeze your Kegel muscles, doing 10 squeezes for that edge, and then start all over again.
  • Repeat that entire pattern 10 times. Yes, you can cum…but as soon as you start, let go and completely relax your body and exhale.
  • If you’ve done it right, if you’ve followed my directions, you’ll have a body-focused orgasm!
  • If not, then you’ll still have had a wonderful orgasm, but you’ll have more learning to do, and I am here to teach you.

Guided Masturbation Delia 800-601-6975Stroking with someone else can be such fun. When I am guiding your masturbation, there are so many ways you can cum for me. Do you want your direction from a sensual mistress? Or would you prefer I were a more hardcore cock control mistress? I can be both!

Sensual Guided Masturbation with Edging

You need some guided masturbation instruction, and Ms. Delia is here to help you. I have lots of ways for you to slowly stroke your cock and fully engage all your senses.  Let’s try something different, I want you to get two things….a square of satin and some corn starch.  Start with the satin hold it in the palm of your hand soft side down.  Gently stroke your body, go places you never thought of before.  Listen to your body, what feels good, what feels really good!  Wake up your body before you touch your cock.  Take a pinch of cornstarch and hold it about 8″ above your cock.  Let it fall gently onto your cock and balls.  Now grasp your cock lightly and stroke.  The cornstarch feels like powdered silk doesn’t it?  Focus your attention inward, enjoy the pure pleasure between your legs and breathe.  As your breath quickens and your hand strokes, bring yourself to the edge and back for 30 minutes.  Take a few minutes, enjoy the heightened sensations in your body and then hands-off.  Put it away to play another day!

A Cock Control Mistress

Guided Masturbation Delia 800-601-6975I love to break up your masturbation routine, so imagine this. While you stroke that cock, I’m going to sit right in front of you…with my Hitachi Magic Wand! It feels so much better and gets me off, so well. Hmmm. Maybe I should run it over your dick. Those vibrations feel good, don’t they? I know they feel amazing on my clit! Does it make you harder, watching me as I get to my first of many orgasms before I even think of letting you cum? As each climax hits me, I can see your cock getting harder and harder, and more pre-cum leaks out, making the head slicker, and just increasing those wonderful sensations that bring you to the edge. Maybe I’ll let you cum…once I’m exhausted! How long do you think that will take?

Hardcore Edging and Denial

Ms. Delia wants to make sure your balls are empty, so you’re going to milk them dry. I want to set you up with a schedule of stroking, edging, and ruined orgasms. That just makes me giddy. It is so hot when you are denied for a period of time. I can control; you and edge you over and over and over. Oh yes! That is what I plan to do to you. I am a cock tease who does love not even allowing you the great feeling of an orgasm! Instead, I want you to experience all the denial challenges I set out for you to do.

Do you love guided masturbation for Ms. Delia? Let me know!