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A Cockteasing Mistress

Cockteasing Mistress Delia 800-601-6975

Cockteasing Mistress Delia 800-601-6975

Teasing and denying you is the cornerstone of my being a Cockteasing Mistress also know as a ballbusting bitch.  I know you’re ruled by that head between your legs.  See, the problem is that a cock really doesn’t have much of a brain.  It’s completely ruled by primal urges, chief among those is your need to cum.  I can get you to do anything, if there’s just the barest possibility that I might let you spew your spunk!

You’re A Little Cock Puppet

Would you get totally naked while I sit there dressed if it wasn’t for your need to orgasm?  You’re so vulnerable, and you’ll take my humiliating insults about your small cock, and how pathetic it is that you can’t control yourself.  You’ll stroke yourself however I tell you to, just because you think I might say “Yes” when you beg me to cum.  I could make you dance around and act like a stripper, giving me a slutty striptease if I tell you too.

Control and Power

That’s what makes it so alluring to me, the power and control I have over you.  All I have to do is say jump, and you’ll ask how high.  If I say stroke, you’ll say which way, and how hard.  If I tell you to take your hands of MY cock just as you’re about to cum, you’ll gladly ruin your own orgasm – for me.  You’ve been denying yourself, you’ve put yourself into chastity for a week – and for the forseeable future just because it pleases me.  You have no idea how much of a rush that feeling of power is!  You’ve done it because you know it’s what Ms. Delia wants.  The why doesn’t matter.  It’s what I demand, and that’s the only rationale you need.