A Masturbation Scavenger Hunt

Masturbation for Mistress Delia

Masturbation for Mistress Delia

Do you want to cum, my stroker pet?  Is that cock just begging to spew it’s spunk?  That’s really not a fair question is it?  You love to stroke, you want me to tease you and you always want to cum.  I’m going to give you a little mission though.  I call it my Masturbation Scavenger Hunt.  If you find everything, you get to cum.  It’s that simple.

 Masturbation Mondays

Since August, I have put up a post just about every week with a different masturbation technique.  So, the rules of the scavenger hunt are that you need to find every single masturbation post on Beg For Mistress.  There are 18 different methods for jerking off that I have posted since August.  The link above is where it starts, so you need to find every one.  Some of the posts, have 2 methods, so make sure you don’t miss one!

Found Each Masturbation Technique?

Now, you can either do this as you find each method, or you can do it after you find them all.  You are going to try each and every method, and stroke yourself to an edge.  No, you may not cum!  Not yet.  This is a teasing and edging assignment.  You know I expect my stroker sluts to wait until they find them all and get all 18 edges done at once – to maximize the tease and the resulting explosive orgasm!  Because, after you edge that 18th time, you can use that last method and YOU MAY CUM!  Cum long and hard for me.  Wherever you are, I want to hear you moaning as that spunk spurts out of your cock.  Now, be a good stroker and clean up your cum…with your tongue!