It’s Not Always About Your Comfort

One of the biggest comments I get when I talk to wannabe ass sluts about anal training is “But, Ms. Delia, I’m scared it will hurt.”  Now, as I am a Strap-on Domme Extraordinaire, I put them at ease and tell them that I know just how to do it, how to slowly expand your ass…uh, I mean horizons! – so that anal play can be more fun then you ever imagined.  Now, sometimes it is uncomfortable – for me!

Strap-On Harnesses

When I really want to give you a thorough pegging, I slide my strap-on into my leather harness, and then – if you’re lucky – you get to slide it up my smooth, toned and sexy legs.  You snug it up around my waist, and then off we go.  Doesn’t helping me get ready to violate you just add to the humiliation level.  However, strap-on harnesses can be a get tricky.  IF they aren’t on just right, they can be uncomfortable.  And you don’t want an uncomfortable Mistress probing your back door, do you?

Sasha Harness by Eden Fantasys

Sasha Harness by Eden Fantasys

Strap-On Panties

That why I was so excited when a sexy and VERY hot caller told me, “But Ms. Delia, there’s a better way!” and pointed me to STRAP-ON PANTIES!  I sooo badly want a pair of these, and you should want me to get them.  They’re nice and comfortable – no binding, no straps sliding across sensitive areas.  And it’ll be so much easier to pack that dildo

underneath my clothes.  How surprised will you be when you lift up my dress and my big black cock flops right out at you?


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