Would You Like To Worship These Legs?

Would You Like To Worship These Legs?

They’ll Get You Off

So, the other night, my subby hubby, Jack’n’Jerk, was getting a little bit – frisky.  I had had a long day talking to all you strokers, sissies, cuckold, cocksuckers and ass whores, and I had just slipped into bed.  I was tired.  Jack slid up behind me, and spooned me…and I knew we were going to have an issue.

Naughty Jack

You all know I like big cocks, and that’s one of the reasons I married Jack.  He’s hung like a BBC Bull!  And I could feel that hard, throbbing cock pressed up against me.  Now, we had been away visiting family – and that means no play. That’s not to say Jack doesn’t serve me and act as my submissive.  He’d been very good.  It just means that he hadn’t really gotten any recognition from me (you call it a reward…but we’ve had that discussion) And I just wasn’t up for a long, complex drawn out session.  Like Lily von Schtupp in Blazing Saddles “I’m tired!”.  So I told Jack if he wanted to get off, he had to…Hump my leg!

Some Fun Humiliation

His needs overtook him, and he started rubbing his prick up against my thigh, dry humping me.  I let him know just how naughty, how nasty, how pathetic that was!  He couldn’t have my hand or my mouth or my pussy.  He’d just have to content himself with my smooth, sexy legs.  And the more I let him know how pathetic he was that he was completely ruled by his urges, how he had no control of his cock, the harder his breathing got, the faster he humped my leg, and the more he moaned – until he finally shot off all over my leg.  You know what happened next, don’t you?  Well, I wasn’t going to bed with a jizz covered leg!  Now, that’s a whole new way of worshiping my legs….