Hands Free Masturbation

A Masterful Masturbatrix

There is no doubt I know how to handle a cock, is there?  I can guide your masturbation, and you know that if you follow all my instructions and do exactly as I say, that orgasm I allow you will be one of the best you’ve ever had!  Did you know though that I can get you off without even using any hands – mine or yours?

Blackprofile - CopyHands Free Masturbation Ms. Delia’s Way

No, I’m not talking about using toys. I am all about the hump with this masturbation technique!  This is a special way I’ve been teasing and playing with Jack for a few months now.  You see, sometimes, after a very intense session that slut is still horny!  We finish up, we get ready for bed, he wraps his arms around me, snuggles up against me…and that rock hard cock is digging into my sexy ass!  I’m not going to let that go to waste, and a rather humiliating way to have him get off is to have him dry hump me from behind.

So Hot…And Wet!

It’s so hot, because as he gets closer and closer, humping faster and faster, I can feel his cock start to swell.  Then he whispers urgently and breathlessly in my ear for my permission to cum, and as he does, I can feel his dick pumping out all than pent up cum, and filling his panties! Hmmm it is funny that this always seems to happen when he is wearing panties.  Maybe I have a closet sissy in my subby hubby!

You Can Try this Technique

For hands free masturbation, I can give you something close to my favorite kind of hump!  You need a really firm pillow…c’mon, do you think my sexy ass is soft and squishy!? No, it’s firm, tight and toned!  So grab that pillow, spoon with it and go ahead and start dry humping it!  Oh, and stroker slut?, I INSIST that you edge at least 10 times before I finally let you cum. Make the orgasm intense!