Ruined Orgasms And Why Have Them

I Love Ruining Orgasms

Time For Ruining Orgasms

Time For Ruining Orgasms

Ruined orgasms are a very important part of any cocktease’s skills.  For a cocktease, the fun with her toy ends when he finally cums. He’s done and she has to wait until he gets horny again to play her games.  A ruined orgasm keeps you hard, aroused and ready for even more cockteasing!

What is a Ruined Orgasm

Let’s start with the basics.  A ruined orgasm is when you orgasm but don’t ejaculate.  They aren’t the same thing.  Orgasm are the wonderful feelings you get in our brain and elsewhere in your body.  Ejaculation is the forceful spurting of all that jizz.  Ejaculation is what releases all those hormones that tell you to roll over and go to sleep!  To ruin an orgasm, your Mistress brings you to the edge, then just over.  The easiest way to ruin an orgasm is to stroke two or three jerks just past that point of no return – and let go – abandoning your cock!  Your cock twitches and spasms, and the cum just drips and dribbles out.  Without ejaculation though, your brain and body actually believe you haven’t cum, and you are still aroused – or some say, sexually frustrated – and hard.  Ready for more cockteasing!

Why Would she Ruin You?

While there are some guys who crave and actually enjoy it, most men don’t want a ruined orgasm.  However, their Mistress doesn’t want them experiencing pleasure for a variety of reasons – like in this case, she still wants to tease you!   Another reason is it keeps the focus off their cocks and on the Mistress where it should be. Is it bad for you? No, it won’t do anything harmful.  It’s not as if a steady diet of ruined orgasms is going to ruin your ability to experience a full, satisfying orgasm   In fact, when your Masturbatrix finally allows that full release, when she’s bored of cockteasing you, that full orgasm will be mind-blowing!

Then again, if she’s used those ruined orgasms to empty your balls, your final orgasm might just be a humiliating, evil dry orgasm!