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Those Photographers Were Suprised

When the subject dropped trou, it was like the old vinyl record scratch; for one or two beats, the studio fell silent. It wasn’t until the production assistant smartly grabbed our poser’s drawers from his ankles when the whoops, laughter, and applause filled the room. You see, these shutterbugs were used to men who were hung like a horse and this dude was hung like a hummingbird. The model froze. The photographer began clicking away, motioning for him to continue with the show, and to say “cheeeeese.” Trooper that he was, he gamely stepped up to the plate and swung his rather small bat.

How Small is Your Penis?

Judging from the photos, he did a fine job, initially teasing by blocking his package with a hand, a knee, a leg, or a prop and eventually flashing his atomic sized unit to the flashing camera. He also posed with the girls, and their reactions were priceless. Of course, they razzed Mr. Cupid Dick into unfurling his member. After an amazing few strokes (the makeup artist told me it took only three short rubs), a hopeless 3-inch stiffy spouted to life, perched comically but proudly at a 45-degree angle. Then they teased him about his tiny tool. The cheered, “Let it ALL hang out there BIG BOY!” and “C’mon, work it baby doll, WORK it!” To make matters worse, they took turns rubbing just about everything except where he wanted to be touched. Poor guy.

That’s when I walked in. All eyes turned to me. And there he was, in front of all of us, naked and hand wrapped around his baby boner. The guy was without a doubt blissed out of his mind. I knew immediately what I had to do. Walking over to the photographer, I asked for her camera and erased all the proofs. The funny thing is: all girls knew it was the right thing to do. But it was numb nuts who asked, “hey, whattaareya doin’?” I shot him a look and told him to get in my car. Loser that he is, he walked to my car–still naked–with his itty bitty little dick between his legs.

When I got him home, the endorphins had worn off a bit, and he thanked me for looking out for him. I told him that he’d better hold his breath and hope that camera didn’t automatically upload to the cloud. Since his performance, he’s been checking and re-checking the corners of the Internet to see if he has joined the jolly ranks of cyberspace chick-let dicks. If you happen to see a brand new pictorial featuring a penis runt who looks quite happy with himself, it might well be my dear little friend.

If you have the urge to show yourself off to the world, let’s talk about whether that’s a good idea before you get too far down the road. (My answer just might depend on your payload, honey pie.) Bye-bye!