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Boxing Day – Servants Are Rewarded

That’s December 26, sluts.  The day all the servants get presents.  My present to you the day after?  Get naked for me, then get on all fours.  Stroke and edge 5 times, then you can squirt that load right into your hand.  Now reach behind you and drip it onto your back, so it runs down between your cheeks, like the cream down the Christmas pudding!

December 27th – You Pay Back Mistress

I think you’ve gotten enough gifts from me – 3 straight days of orgasms!  I think it’s time for you to repay my kindness – with suffering.  Get naked for me and start stroking your cock ultra-slowly.  Just 10 strokes, then I want you to slap your balls with your hand!  Keep doing that – 10 strokes, then SLAP! Keep doing that until you edge.  That’s it for today, slut.  One edge and very sore balls!

December 28th – More Tormenting Payback

Are those balls still tender?  I don’t think you’ve quite paid me back for the pleasures I gifted you, but today we’ll focus on your cock and nipples.  Apply some minty toothpaste to your nipples and cock with a toothbrush.  Rub each nipple for 10 minutes, then your cock head for 20 with the toothbrush.  That ought to make them all sensitive.  Stroke your cock for 20 minutes or 5 edges, whichever takes longer, while squeezing and pinching your nipples with your free hand.

What do you think?  Pleasure, or more pain tomorrow?