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Did you enjoy your New Year’s Eve orgasm, slut?  I hope so because it’s going to be four more days until you cum!

New Year’s Day – Smooth Sailing This Year

I want you to start off 2018 all smooth – so go ahead and shave your cock and balls!  Bonus points if you can shave every speck of hair off your body from the neck down – legs, armpits, chest.   Start the new year all nice and tidy! Being completely smooth might even lead you to trying out some feminization this year!

January 2nd – CBT

It’s the second day of 2018 and I don’t think you’ve suffered for me at all yet. Time for some CBT!  So, I want as many clothespins as you can fit attached to your ball sack.  Rattle them around for 10 minutes.  Get some exercise and start working off that weight you packed on the past few weeks.  Do some jumping jacks, some squats, grab a hula hoop (didn’t Santa bring one for you for Christmas, Alvin?).  Just get those pegs moving around.  Once you’ve pulled off all the pins, slap your cockhead 9 times for your Mistress.

January 3rd – Extreme Stroking

You need an online metronome and stopwatch for this guided masturbation.  Your Mistress wants 4000 strokes at 60 strokes per minute – one upstroke on the first beat and one downstroke on the next.  – any edging to be punished by a firm cockhead palming for one minute with the metronome stopped.  Then you can go back to stroking until you hit 4000.  Oh, I know how desperately you do want to cum…but no.  I only said to stroke!

January 4th – TP Tubes – But No Test

Tie up your balls and leave a free end of the cord to dangle to grip with one hand. Take a toilet paper roll and remove and discard the cardboard center. Put just the head of your penis into the opening of the now paper only roll. Then tug on the cord around your balls, tugging and relaxing, let the cockhead slip in and out of the soft opening.  It’s about as close as you’re ever going to get to a pussy!  Yes, slut, you can keep going until you cum!

Twelfth Night – Thank You Dance

Oh, you made it!  I think you need to thank me for my wicked imagination and 12 days of fun.  You want to cum today?  Call me up, and dance naked on cam for my amusement.  I’ll decide if you’re a “Sexy Slut” or “Not Hot”.  Only “Sexy Sluts” get to cum!