One Reason Women Are Superior

There are a lot of reasons why women are superior and why Femdoms are able to control you.  Obviously, it’s because we have the pussy!  There’s something else though, and that thing is the fact that we are able to have multiple orgasms.  That means we can fuck you to exhaustion, and still be ready for more!  You cum, and it’s all over – well for most ladies. We Femdoms? First, we delay your orgasm or even deny it, and even if you do cum, well, then it’s time for post orgasm torment!  But, we’re not here to talk about that.  We’re here to see if we can train you to have multiple orgasms too!

Orgasm Versus Ejaculation

Orgasm and ejaculation are two totally different things.  You can orgasm without spurting out your jizz and that’s the key to multiple male orgasms.  You know how once you’ve shot your load, you go soft, it takes a bit to get hard again, and, let’s face it, you’re ready for sleep?  That’s because when you ejaculate all kinds of hormones are released into your body that does that to you.  So, I’m going to train you to orgasm, but NOT ejaculate.

Start With Kegels

Kegel exercises will strengthen your pubococcygeal muscles (I’m not typing that again, so PC muscle).  In women, the PC muscle makes their pussies tighter.  In men, it controls the muscles around your urethra, or the tub that rockets all that cum up your shaft and out your cock.  Strengthen that muscle, tighten it when you’re getting close, and you’ll be able to keep most of that spunk in your balls!  Orgasm, without ejaculation.  It’s really easy to do.  Google for PC muscle exercises, then do 1,000 a day.  Oh, I know you think that’s a lot, but you can do it while you’re just sitting around.  Easy peasy!