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Make sure to check out Parts 1 and 2

Cum Inside

So the last rule I left you off with in Part 2 was about fucking your Chastity Mistress.  On the rare occasions, you’re allowed to, Rule 6 covers that.  Should the Wife desire intercourse, (Intercourse.  How about calling it what it is.  Should the wife desire to be fucked…!), the husband, should never be permitted to orgasm. This is a 50/50 thing with Jack.  If we’re playing with chastity, and I allow him to have sex with me with his actual cock and not a dildo, I might just use him as a human dildo and deny him.  There is something hot, about allowing him to fill me with a load of his cum.

The Cream Pie

Of course, if he cums inside me, we get to play with nasty and humiliating cum eating!  Rule 7 is: Semen should be disposed of in a way that humiliates the husband (again, so clinical.  Semen.  How about cum, jizz, spooge, spunk?  Is this lady a Mormon?  No oral sex, intercourse, semen…)  So whether it’s a warm creampie, or I have him lick it all up, my chastity slaves always eat their own cum.  Excellent rule.


WTF??? Yeah, this lady is definitely a Mormon, because the final rule was: The Wife should not touch the husband below the belt if at all possible.  Where is the fun in that?  What am I supposed to do, play with his hair and nipples?  I’m a cockteasing bitch!  Notice the first part of that – COCK!  If I can’t tease your cock, what kind of teasing is it?  90% of the fun for me when I have you in chastity is unlocking you, teasing your dick, turning you into a blubbering, begging, throbbing mess, then locking you back up again!  Yeah, that rule’s getting thrown out. The whole point is that the longer a chastity slut goes without orgasm, the greater lengths he will go to in order to achieve one. In other words, a teased man will do whatever his Woman wishes.