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 You Must Edge Often To Produce An Ongoing Pre-Cum Flow

Let me be honest.  There are few things less appealing than a cock. (There are exceptions.  My subby hubby, Jack, has a gorgeous dick!), but seeing one with the head glistening with pre-cum as it drips run down the shaft?  Wonderful.  I love to see your cock “crying” in its frustration.  The more you stroke and edge, the more it cries!  Sometimes, even you start crying, the desperation to empty your balls is so great.  Music to my ears.

Your Pre-Cum Is An Offering To Mistress Which You Must Consume

When those drips and dribbles start to accumulate in a puddle, when the drops of pre-cum start to turn into a flowing river, you will reach down with your free hand, scoop it up and swallow it for me.  Oh, and don’t think it’s just going to be pre-cum, my slut.  Oh no, if I ever grant you release – and I may not, cockteasing bitches really don’t like it when you cum – you will swallow up all of that massive, built up load of spunk.  Recycling is good and will make sure those balls fill up again very soon!

Thou Shalt Not Hesitate – Comply with instructions Immediately

They say “He who hesitates is lost,” and if you hesitate to follow any of my commands, you will be lost…cast out…banished.  I have no time for disobedient submissives.  Now, that’s not to say if something is beyond your previously discussed limits, or if you don’t understand the instruction, you can’t safeword, or ask for clarification.  However, if they’re simple instructions – stroke 500 times as fast as you can, or stick that butt plug in your ass – you’d better hop to it!