Prostate massage can be pleasurable, or it can be frustrating and humiliating.  Here are three types I just love giving!

Prostate Milking

Beg for Mistress Delia

This is something I like to do to my chastity subs.  All that teasing and denial leaves their balls so swollen, so blue and aching and they just have to be drained!

Just slide a finger or two inside their hole until you feel that gland and start massaging. Rubbing the perineum externally can be massaged some also, or even some tugging of the balls to potentially help things along.  But absolutely no cock stimulation.

This type of milking should result in minimal pleasure, maybe just some relief in those balls.  I find afterward, my slaves are very submissive.

Ruined Orgasm Milking

This is much easier to do and can be much quicker. During this milking, not only do I massage your p-spot, I stroke and play with your cock.

Of course, this is a ruined orgasm milking, so just as you get to that point of no return, I’ll stop all stimulation to your dick.  Of course, the prostate massage continues so I can milk all fluids out.

Prostate milking itself may be humiliating, but this is frustrating as well!

Pleasurable Massage

Have you been a good slut?  Do you want the most intense orgasm of your life?  This time, no ruined orgasm.

I’ll stroke that cock and massage that pleasure spot right through a writhing, screaming, mind blowing cum. It is so intense and feels so much better than a normal orgasm!

It is going to produce much more jizz, so I do hope you’re hungry!  You will be eating all that cum.