Submissive Rules

I want you to expose yourself for Ms. Delia. I have many rules and rituals for my submissive slaves when I play with them.  Some of them are pretty standard.

  1. Address your Mistress properly
  2. Don’t cum without permission
  3. Eat up all that wonderful jizz.

Others may seem a bit strange, but they reinforce your submissiveness, and that you are mine to play with.  One of these that I sometimes give my subs is that they must keep their legs spread.  You might not realize though, that it’s just as often used with my male subs as my female sluts.

Expose Your Cock and Balls

It’s a very simple rule that is designed to keep things awkward for him and emphasize that his cock and balls belong to me. I like to use this rule a lot with Jack around the house. Usually, the rule is that his legs can’t touch his cock or balls while I am in the room. I tell him that I want to see his balls hanging down.  Sometimes, when we’re just finishing off the night with a tease and denial session, I adjust that and tell him his legs have to stay spread whenever I am within arms reach of his crotch.  And of course, I reserve the right to just tell him to spread his legs on command whenever I feel like it!


If I make you expose yourself, it could be for punishment! One thing I like to do is tie up a slave’s legs by tying his ankles by his knees.  Then I put a spreader bar on.  You’d think this is easy. It is not when I then do things to him that would want to make him close his legs!

The first few times he closes, I  might slap his balls. I also enjoy flicking them with a cock whip.  Of course, if he still can’t keep his legs open, I can change his bondage.  I tie his ankles to his wrists. Then I tie his elbows to his knees. Last, I pull his cock and balls behind his legs and tie his legs together so that they are trapped down by his butt. Now, he gets to keep his legs closed, but I have full access to the cock and balls. I can torment them until he’s begging for mercy! I finish up the session by tying him up in a full-body rope harness. That way he can stay on display for hours until I get tired of him.