You’ve Spent A Long Time In Chastity

I Might think of YOU in chastity!

It’s been an entire year that your cock has been locked.  I am so proud of you.  You made it through the teasing and edging, the monthly ruined orgasms, the quarterly full releases.  You’ve become such a good and attentive slave, always putting my needs before yours.  I think it’s time for full-time cock locking, and it’s time to ramp up your chastity!

New Chastity Rules

So, now that we’re going to full-time, I think it’s time we change up the rules a bit.  Instead of a quarterly full release, I’m going to ruin your orgasm.  Instead of a ruined orgasm every month, I will edge you mercilessly.    Instead of edging you every week, I’m just going to tease you gently, never letting you get as far as an edge.  Instead of teasing you every few days, I’ll just unlock you, tie you up and let you get hard, then ice you down and lock you back up again.  You know how I used to let you have an erection every night?  No more, you’ll stay locked!

The Sliding Scale of Chastity

That’s what it’s called, slut, the sliding scale of chastity.  I moved everything up by one.  Oh, I know you want a full release today, on the day of your anniversary, but I don’t see any reason why I should.  Be careful about complaining?  You don’t want me to slide it up again any sooner then I planned, do you?  I’m sure within just a few more years, we’ll be at the point where I just unlock you to allow you an erection every few months….and nothing more.  I own your cock now!