Need A Ruined Orgasm Fix?

It’s easy if you call me.  I’ll ruin your orgasms all day and all night!  Teasing and denying you, delaying your orgasm, bringing you to the edge over and over again until I give you that one extra stroke?  Watching that cum just dribble out as you cry out in frustration and need?  It’s really one of my favorite activities!  What if you can’t call me?  What if your partner just isn’t into kinky stuff.  Well, one of my callers had a solution for that.

Was It Accidentally Ruined?

My girlfriend is not kinky at all. Doesn’t realize what I am into. Yesterday I had her tease me by riding me on top. Eventually she got off and started jerking me off. I knew I was close and told her to lube her hand up. I came as soon as she let go. She laughed and waited until it finished dribbling out until she started stroking again. I’d say ruined orgasm complete!

He Purposely Ruined His Own Orgasm!

Way to go!  I think ruining his own orgasm shows his devotion and submission to her.  I also think he needs to read Every Woman Is A Domme. It seems to me his girlfriend just might be kinkier than he knows.  First, she likes to tease.  Then, she didn’t let him cum inside her. I do hope that he got her off multiple times first!   Then she jerked him off and laughed at the ruining.  I think her inner Domme needs to be awakened and worshipped!