Locktober is Better Than Masturbation May!

I know how much you strokers love Masturbation May, but my favorite month is October.  Or should I say Locktober! Not only is it my LDW Anniversary Month FILLED with celebration, but it is also time to lock up your cock for Ms. Delia!  31 straight days of denial, no chance I’m going to take pity on you, either.  That’s why Locktober is my favorite.  During Masturbation May, I may tease you, I’ll certainly edge you, and I might delay your orgasm, but you’re probably going to get to cum.  Not this month.

Are You Man Enough?

I think Locktober separates the really submissive from the “I just want to be kinky” submissives.  Locking yourself up for 31 days knowing you’re not getting any release, not even 1 ruined orgasm, takes commitment. I’ve heard it said that men who lock up their cocks for their Mistress/wife/lover/ex-girlfriend are weak.  I believe showing you can put aside your needs and desires for your Mistress’ shows much more strength in submission.

You Will Be Teased

Lock up that cock right now!  For the rest of the month, you can only touch that dick under my supervision. Give me a call and I’ll tease you and bring you to the edge until you’re begging to cum.  Of course, you know what I’ll say.  No.  Such a powerful word.  Better make sure you have ice handy so we can cool that cock down and lock it back in the cage.  Until you call again….

Ready for the Locktober Challenge? Give Ms. Delia a call and let’s see how desperate I can make you by Halloween!