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Stroke Until Your Balls Are Blue

Is It NO-vember?

Did you think Lock-tober was the end of your chastity?  Oh, no, I’m having way too much fun teasing and denying you!  Seeing that cock trapped in its cage, leaking…no, crying!…for me just keeps me so aroused.  Why ever would I end our fun (okay, my fun!) now?  I think we should just take Lock-tober right into NO-vember, don’t you?

I Love Blue Balls

I love it when you stroke until your balls are blue. Any of you stroker sluts who have spoken with me know how much I  love giving you the ache, that deep and sexy ache, don’t you?  You know how much you love letting me guide your masturbation, bringing you to the edge of orgasm over and over again. You feel your balls beginning to churn, producing more and more cum, swelling with all that denied spunk.

Endure A Sexy Case Of Blue Balls

I want you to stroke for me, until you can’t stand that ache in your blue balls anymore.

  • Start with a 5-minute warm up.
  • One minute a one stroke every 5 seconds.
  • One minute at a stroke every 4 seconds.
  • One minute at a stroke every 3 seconds.
  • One Minute at a stroke every 2 seconds
  • Finally, One minute at a stroke every one second.
  • Once you’re warmed up, stroke as fast and hard as you can to and edge.
  • Rest 10 seconds, then another edge.
  • Keep edging for your Mistress, until you ache for me.

That’s not good enough, slut.  Stroke and edge for 20 more minutes.  Really get those balls blue!

I wonder how long you’ll ache for me after you’re done?