Quarantine is difficult, and I really miss public fetish events. I was having a little fantasy about the more hardcore fun I have at those events, so I took a moment to write it down. Enjoy!

You know when Ms. Delia strolls in through the doors of the club that every single eye in the place turns to her. Two of those eyes will belong to her prey. You never know who my victim will be on any given night.  Could it be the young, nervous submissive who quickly averts his eyes as my eyes bore into him? Just could be that older, experienced pain slut over there. He gives me a knowing smile.  You see, Ms. Delia has played with him a number of times, and for tonight, he’s exactly what she is looking for for some impact play.

Getting set up

Fetish clubs offer so many choices!   Different rooms and each with pieces of furniture that can be used as I desire.  I lead my pain slut first to a private room with a spanking bench. Warm-up is just so important! I order him over the bench, wrist and ankle cuffs are quickly secured, and a strap cinched over his waist. Reaching into my toy bag I grab a paddle and set myself up on either side of his hips, facing the paling white globes of his ass. I start by bringing the paddle down on one side, then on the other until his bottom is a delightful shade of red with so much heat coming off it.  Everyone knows how much I hate a pale, white ass!

Cooling Down

That’s just the beginning.  There’s much more play to come, however, so I take some cooling gel and rub it sensually over the poor man’s ass, cooling down the burning. But there is so much more to come! Time for some public play, as I lead the red-bottomed man out into of the room into the play space in the main arena, having him carry that bag.  With his ankle and wrist cuffs still on, securing him to the St. Andrew’s Cross, his back against the smooth lacquered wood, is a breeze.  His excitement is obvious to the crowd who have gathered. I take his cock in one hand, and slap it with the other, laughing evilly.

Choosing The Implements

The wonderful thing about the public play area is I don’t need to reach into my bag of tricks.  There is a whole wall where floggers, paddles, and crops hang. I allow some friends of mine to gather around the pain slut, slapping his cock and balls, pinching his nipples and surrounding him, so he can’t see past them.  It allows me to select my first toys to spank with and keep them a surprise from him. I thoughtfully pick out a short crop and a leather flogger with short tails. which is perfect for some CBT. I return, and everyone parts, leaving me a clear path to my willing victim.   Grabbing his cock in one hand, I begin slapping it with the crop.

The slut is gasping as the crop lands on his cock, as I work along the shaft and towards the head. From the copious amounts of pre-cum dripping from his cockhead and I can both tell just how excited he’s becoming. Maybe too excited. Accidents will not be tolerated! I spin him around, and now his ass and back are facing the audience. This time when I head over to the Wall of Torment, I grab ta leather cat-o-nine tails It is time for flogging.

Impact Play and Flogging begins!

I use the cat-o-nine to kiss his ass.” He begins worshipping the leather, as I step behind him I swish the cat through the air experimentally. He can feel the rush of wind as the tails disturb the air.  the anticipation – of getting that which he craves so deeply, causes goosebumps on the flesh of his back, as I slowly begin walking forward towards him.

Kiss of leather

I start out several feet away, just at the limit of the length of the tails on the cat.  The whip begins kissing his wanton flesh. I like to make those first touches whisper-soft, just barely there.  Building up the anticipation.  The need.  Then, I begin walking forward, the strikes from the cat-o-nine becoming harder and more insistent, stinging him as more of the tails land, leaving red stripes. I work his back, from below the shoulder blades, along his ass, and to the tops of his thighs, then back up again. My hand slides down the front of him, stopping to tweak a nipple, before grabbing his rock hard cock, dripping with precum.

Ready for more Impact

I stop, step back a bit, and admire My handiwork. “Umm, such a warm, red ass”, I observe as I step forward a bit and soothingly rubs my hand over it. He moans when I give him a barehanded spank on each cheek. I walk back to the wall and pick up one last implement and smile deviously bending down to the slave’s ear. I whisper “Are you ready for your punishment to really begin?”  The sub is moaning, which turns into a high-pitched squeal as the first cane stroke hits him at the top of his ass, just above his crack. I stand off a bit to the side, and work my way down his ass with the cane, leaving a horizontal red angry stripe, each a 1/4 inch apart I mean, you have to take pride in your work, right?

Between the first and second I wait 10 seconds, then 9 seconds, then 8.  The final cane strokes land one on top of the other, lifting the sub onto his tiptoes. I reach my hand under his twitching cockhead, know what is about to happen. The pain creates a surprising release, and as the sub just hangs there in his bonds I feed him his cum.  

Have you ever cum from impact play? Remember to BEG for Mistress Delia!