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Do you Practice SoloSexual Masturbation?



Do you define your sexuality as being solosexual?  Would you rather jerk off that cock, and are you aroused by stroking more than anything else?  Maybe you’re not really a slave to any Mistress, or committed to any woman, but you could say that you’re a slave to masturbation!  This may mean that you’re a solosexual, a person who would much rather stroke, edge and tease himself than have any contact with a pussy.  When you are truly in control of that cock you may find that your main attraction is to that cock, and there is no attraction to another man or woman.

Being a SoloSexual

You know what you enjoy, and I’m sure, with all the masturbation you’ve done, you know exactly what it takes to bring you the best orgasms.  Being a solosexual doesn’t mean that you just jerk that cock until it comes.  You know that teasing and edging brings you harder, better, more intense orgasms and that’s what you’re looking for.  It’s just that you’ve found that a soft wet mouth, or a warm wet pussy just doesn’t do it for you as well as a hand wrapped tightly around that prick.

You Still Need Cock Control

Of course you need cock control.  That cock is controlling you.  It demands attention, demands that you make it feel good, and that is probably your total sexual focus.  You seek out privacy at home, so you can jerk and stroke.  At work, maybe once or twice you’ve disappeared to the bathroom or snuck off all alone to the supply closet.  Are the rubber bands and paperclips really that hard to find? There’s nothing wrong with being a solosexual and enjoying masturbation, but just like vanilla sex, you can’t just be fucking whenever and wherever you want.  You need to control that penis-need.