Masturbation Mistress Delia 800 601 6975

Masturbation Mistress Delia 800 601 6975

All Day Edge Challenge

I love the opportunity to give a stroker a challenge to do all day edging with check ins throughout the day. Recently I had one edging pet ask to be denied for the whole day….and I was only too happy to give this edging slut exactly what he was looking for!

He Gets His Edging Assignment

We started with a call during which I teased him, brought him to the edge several times, and left him denied.  Then he sent the following email:

That was so awesome!! I am so turned on!!! I know I have to edge every 15 min, but I’ll probably be edging continuously till tonight’s call! 

Later, I got this one:

 What an incredible day!!! The edging became mind bendingly intense and I can’t wait till I can have the super insane orgasm that has built up!!!

How Was It?

Well, I’ll let my Edging Pet answer…

It was an amazing experience!! When I started the assignment I underestimated how difficult and intense it was going to get. The first few ran together and it was about 1:30 when I had to stroke a bit harder to begin edging on the quarters of an hour. With not much time between the edges they kept getting more and more intense. Around 3:30 I was struggling to keep from going over the edge, by 6:00 I was going out of my mind with every edge!!! When I was finally able to book the second call I was all ready to cum everywhere, but since I was unable to get the video working you decided (totally fairly and not unexpectedly) that I had to wait a little longer. My heart sank, my cock throbbed, I was on the very edge, getting ready to blow and DENIED… I was panicked thinking it would be days till I would be given the green light to cum, but when you said that at 9:15 I could cum I was dancing on a cloud.. So that will make around 40 edges for the day, and that was after beating off for several hours a day, everyday, since november without cumming (entirely my fault, but still).. I am sure you will be a great masturbation coach, manager, and/or trainer, helping this chronic masturbator have even more fun beating off!!

So, do you think you’ve got what i takes to edge all day long?