I seek out 5 main qualities in any submissive. A week ago I wrote a post on how to be a good submissive when you have no Mistress or are in a vanilla relationship. I received many great comments and questions on my blog and in email. Today I want to address qualities I find important in a submissive.

A Good Submissive Has These 5 Qualities

Respect your Mistress Delia!

Respect your Mistress Delia!

Respect – A Good sub respect Dommes, subs, and all people in general. It is polite to do this, and it shows a solid character. Respect is not earned. Respect is polite and courteous!

Strong Communication – A submissive is NOT a doormat, unless that is your negotiated kink. He should be able to communicate clearly any needs or BDSM concerns, and not bring in excess emotion or any drama! Good communication is a wonderful skill for a submissive.

Skills – A submissive should have a set of skills and talents that he can offer to his Domme.  Perhaps he is great with woodworking, and can make paddles and spanking benches for her home. Maybe he loves to organize and can assist with home or dungeon organization so it flows better. Maybe those skills are submissively sexual, and he can please his Mistress. Think about your skill set!

Consistency – Be on time for appointments, and do what you promise to do. Ms Delia has a two strikes and you are out for submissives in training. Unless there is a major life emergency, not following through, lying, or cheating through assignments will not be tolerated. If I can’t count on you, I will not train you!

Balance – A submissive man often must find a balance between his kink life, work, and home obligations. Successfully finding your ways of balance is great. Maybe you let some kink run into your work life, like wearing panties or chastity to work. Not going overboard in one direction can help you manage your submission well! Have a kinky sex partner? Your balance may be easier!

Do you feel that you have all these qualities of a good submissive? Which do you need to work on?