Hands Free Masturbation, Part 2

There wasn’t going to be a Part 2 after my first post, but I tried this sexy tease with subby hubby Jack, and I just had to share it with you all!

Sexy Thigh Highs for Hands Free Masturbation

Thigh High Stockings - CopyDo I not have the sexiest legs there are?  I know a lot of you think so, and I do love my legs!  The other day, a package arrived in the mail.  What I surprise when I opened it up to find two pairs of very silky, lace top thigh highs from Secrets in Lace sent to me from an admirer! Now, I came up with an absolutely perfect way to use them!

Hands Free Masturbation With My Sexy Legs

Now, I had to experiment…err try out this technique with Jack before writing about it! Research is KEY! So, I slid those sexy, soft, and silky stockings up my legs while he watched.  Oh, did I mention, the thigh highs and a sexy pair of high heels were all I was wearing?  That helped things tremendously, because when I had him kneel before me, that beautiful cock was already rock hard.  I told him to put that dick between my legs, and place his hands on my ass.  I caressed his head, and told him that he was to thrust between my legs, while he ran his hands from my ass to my ankles and back up again.

Some Oral Attention For Ms. Delia

Then, I pulled his head in, and told him to start licking my pussy.  Like I said, we were both going to have fun with this new gift!  As he thrust, and I could feel his cock getting harder, I reminded him that he couldn’t cum until I got the required five orgasms from his tongue.  Let me tell you, it was hard staying upright as I came over and over again!  But, I soldiered on and made it, and then heard his moan, and felt that warm stickiness on my leg – which I, of course, made him clean with his tongue!  These are quality stockings!