Cuckold Fantasies

What type of Cuckold are you?

The Voyeur Cuckold

The Voyeur Cuckold is probably the simplest type of cuckolding fantasy.  You just want to be involved, or maybe, in the Waiting Cuckold, you just want to listen or be told about your hot wife’s adventures afterward.  The Voyeur Cuckold may be in the room with the Cuckoldress and her Bull, or maybe she has you hide in the closet, or wait outside the room.  You get off on watching or hearing her getting pleasure.

The Threesome

This is two types of cuckold fantasy.  In a traditional threesome fantasy, the cuck actually gets to participate in fucking his wife.  This is common in Stag-Vixen relationships, where the dynamic isn’t really about Dominance and Submission or humiliation, it’s about the Stag (cuck) realizing his wife needs more.  A threesome with 2 Bulls while the cuck watches and maybe participates by fluffing them or cleaning everyone up afterward is more common in cuckold relationships.

The BiSexual Cuckold

This cuckold fantasy can be as simple as the cuckold orally pleasing both the Cuckoldress and Bull before they get to the main action, or as extreme as the cuckold being spit-roasted by both of them!  I like to think of the bisexual cuckold as a “full service” cuckold.  He does whatever is required of him by either his Cuckoldress or her Bull.

I have a few others, and I might write about them in the future.  Head on over to Fem Fabulous later this week, when I write about The Sissy Cuckold!