Sensual Mistress Delia

I Don’t Hear You Begging!

Beg for Mistress

Hello, strokers and sissies.  I hope everyone’s been a horny pet or a slutty girl for me.  I hope nobody has been stroking cock or clitty without begging for My permission! I say this simply because of the name of this blog. BEG for Mistress. I am all about the begging!

Begging is Auditory Foreplay

When Mistress Delia hears you beg to stroke, it is an automatic turn on for me. If I can get you into that subspace, I soar into my Domme space, and I get SO turned on!  I think it is the desperation and the pleading in your tone that gets me so very hot!  I love the moans, whispers, anguished sighs and the primal, raw pleading that go along with the ever so sexy, “Ohhh, Please Mistress! Let me stroke.”

Responding to the Begging

Oh, of course I will let you stroke and stroke just for ME because I can then enjoy the devious cockteasing I love so much. After all I am a cocktease bitch! I want to tease you completely until you can’t stand it, and so you BEG me even more!

I love to keep you there, your mind, body and cock begging Me for a sexy release. I know how badly you want to explode!  But you know Mistress Delia, don’t you? I’ll always push you to go just a bit further and hold out just a little longer than you thought you could. When I do allow a release, I expect to hear it loudly! If you earned an orgasm, I want to hear that dick explode.

Don’t you want to beg Mistress to stroke?