Sensual Mistress Delia

You WILL eat your cum!

Why Won’t You Eat Cum?

Besides the fact that you’re a disobedient brat that is?  You’re all alike.  You all say you’re going to eat your cum, I give you permission to cum, and then you won’t do it.  Is it the taste? It can’t be.  You say you’ve never eaten cum before – and you wouldn’t lie to me – so you can’t know what it tastes like.  Is it just the whole taboo aspect?  The feeling that eating your own cum will make you less of a man?  How could you be less of a man?  You’ve given me control of your cock.  Do you think real men give up control of their cocks and let themselves be teased, edged and denied?

Think You Won’t East Cum For Me?

You will.  And I promise you won’t orgasm – not even a ruined one – until you do.  You see, there’s three ways to get that jizz out of you.  One is the ruined orgasm.  Another is a pleasurable, full release.  And the last?  Oh, I think that’s the most humiliating of all.  I’ll milk your prostate.

What a Load

I have an old medical exam table that’s perfect for this.  I’ll tie you down, with your legs spread wide in the stirrups.  Feel my fingers sliding into your puckered hole, and pressing up against your prostate.  That rubbing and massaging feels good at first, but as more and more of your spunk flows out – right into that cup I put underneath your cock head – it starts to feel like a continuous edge.  Oh, if I just stroked that prick – just once or twice – you’d explode. But I’m not going to.  I’ll milk that gland until those balls are almost empty.  Then I’ll bring that cup to your lips and pour all that white cream into your mouth.  Don’t swallow it yet.  Keep it in your mouth and savor the taste, just like the cum slut I’m going to turn you into.  Then I’ll start stroking that cock.  Do you know how humiliating, how painful it is to explode into a full orgasm when your balls have already been drained? You’re about to find out.  And it will be even more humiliating when I tell you to swallow!