scarlet7I’m so excited to guest blog for you, Miss Delia! I wanted to share this with your readers and admirers:

Just this past week several of your favorite LDW Mistresses got together in Florida for some frolicking and fun. I spent some “quality” time with the lovely Mistress Delia; we’ve been long time friends and look forward to those times when we can be together in real time! We have so many fetishes and kinks in common since we are both active in the BDSM/Kink lifestyle; including teasing, orgasm control, chastity, spanking, kink exploration, strap on play, and oh so much more!

What happens when two of your fetish fantasy Mistresses get together in real time?

Spit Roasting of Delia’s Subbie Hubbie; Jack!

She has the best hunky submissive ever! He was drooling over my strap on collection (I brought several with me on the trip; you just never know!) so Delia and I decided he needed to have a spit roast experience. Do you know what spit roasting is? It’s when someone has a cock in their mouth….and a cock in their ass at the same time! Like they’re skewered on big dicks.

I know Jack is quite experienced; thanks to strap on Mistress Delia’s training! I watched him go down on her big strap on cock, licking and sucking and grunting, as his ass was just waving at me – begging me to fill it up with my personal favorite strap on. I put my harness on and pulled it tight around my waist and thighs. I didn’t have to do much thinking in regards to which dildo to put in my harness; I knew he’d be able to take that fat 9″ purple silicone beast!

Delia and I thought you might like to hear us talk about the experience as well as how much we enjoy talking with YOU – Listen to us chat about the spit roast HERE.