I have a blue balls weekend planned for you! As you all know, Ms. Delia LOVES giving extreme cock control for blue balls by giving repeated edging, and repeated denial. After a while of cock stroking, edging, and being denied, oh that wonderful ache begins to spread through your ball sack, until it’s in the pit of your stomach.  You know you love that aching blue ball feeling!

fetishes, Freaky Fetish Friday

You will have blue balls!

A Better Technique

While edging will get those balls aching and blue, I much prefer making you peak.  You see, my experience with you teased strokers – and more so with Jack – is that prolonged edging really gets the pre-cum flowing!  And that pre-cum tends to – shall we say – relive the pressure in that swollen sac.  So you don’t really get the full effect of blue balls.

Stroke To A Peak

You all know how much I like my number line for stroking.  1 is you just got hard, 5 is you’re one stroke away from cumming.  When directing a stroke toy to peak, I want them to stay between 3 and 4.  If they’re leaky sluts, there will still be some pre-cum, but not nearly as much as being edged.  And with an edge, so few of you are able to ride it, and beg me to stop stroking – if only for a few seconds – and I HATE stopping.   You can peak, and stay there, nearly indefinitely.  We may have to slow down your stroking – you don’t want to go over the 4! – but we can keep stroking.  And that just makes those balls bluer and more achy!

So this weekend, stroke and edge until you have achieved a nice blue balls ache!

Then Beg for Mistress Delia to let you release!