Beg Me Not To Cum

When you Beg Me it is so HOT!

Beg for Mistress!

Beg for Mistress!

I recently wrote about some of my thoughts and ideas about tease and denial. I left that post with how I like to tease my stroke sluts by having them rate – on a 1-10 scale – just how close they are to cumming.  One of the things I wrote in that post was how some Femdoms don’t like using that method, and over the past few days, I got a lot of questions as to what other techniques a cockteasing Mistress could use.  Now, any experienced Cock Control Domme is going to know by the way your body responds, by the sounds you mak just when you’re on the edge, but I actually have another fun way to tease and deny you.

Beg Me Not to Cum

Sometimes, when I’m not in the mood for the whole “What number are you?”, I use a “beg me not to let you come” system…with a failsafe. I love to hear you beg to cum, but sometimes, it’s much more fun to have you to beg me to stop. Think about it…I know how desperately you want to release all that pent up jizz in your balls, but instead you scream “Please stop, I’m going to come!” and I say “Okay…”  Oh the delicious, evil irony!

Sooner Or Later I Won’t Stop

But here’s the trick: when I choose to NOT stop, you have come within 5 seconds, or you will not get to come at all!  It makes sure that you are teetering right on the edge when you beg me to stop! You have to be  REALLY close, risking even a ruined orgasm, when you beg me not to cum.  The only downside for me is that sometimes I do need to let you empty those balls. Some sessions will be quick, because I’ll let you get off earlier than you may have expected. I just figure it’s a down payment for more fun later. And you can bet that if you get off quickly this time, you’ll be teased mercilessly the next!