Is Your Skirt Too Short For A Sissy Slut!

Honestly, I think it’s a silly question.  You are one of my slutty sissies, so how could your skirt ever be too short.  You know the only reason why you’re wearing it is because short-skirtit’s not acceptable in society to go out dressed only in panties, garters, stocking and heels!  That skirt is only there so you can prowl for cock – and the shorter the skirt, the more dick you’re going to get.

Make Sure It’s Short Enough

How short is short enough for a mini…or even a micro mini-skirt?  For a sissy slut like you, here’s a good rule of thumb.  Make sure that skirt is short enough that they can see the tops of your stocking tops!  That slight hint of those lacy tops is enough to get you the attention – and the cock – you’re craving.  It’s sexy and slutty, all at the same time!

What Does It Tell Those Guys?

Well, it tells them you are DTS – Down to Suck – or even DTF – Down to Fuck!  See, most men – unless they’re sissies like you – are totally clueless about hosiery.  Even though there are pantyhose out there with lacy control tops, all they know is that lacy tops are at the top of thigh highs.  And if you’re sexily flaunting that you are wearing thigh highs?  Well, their thoughts then turn to the fact that you may not be wearing any panties!  Only girls looking for action go out with thigh highs and no panties!

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