Trusting Mistress

Trust is crucial in BDSM. Trust is the foundation your D/s relationship is based on. I personally strive to build trust here and in my personal life, because without trust, there can be no true dynamic. Without trust, a session is just fun sensations and fantasies shared until we hang up. Trust allows something deeper to be built.

Can Trust Exist in a Phone Based Relationship?

YES! Yes it can! I am very fortunate that many wonderful callers share their innermost fantasies with me. Though we can never meet, those who trust me to guide them on a kink journey have done incredible things with my guidance. I have had special men take on chastity, one for over a year now. I have groomed a truly devoted slave who shares many intimate secrets with me. I have helped a sissy or two discover the magic of cocksucking. And I have helped a true slave feel fully owned and controlled by Mistress. In these cases, some of which have lasted almost 6 years here at LDW, there has been true growth and change. None of that could have been possible without trust. I am so honored that I was given that trust by those who wanted a deeply real and meaningful D/s relationship.

What Mistress Delia Can Do With your Trust

  1. I will push you toward your limits in a safe, sane and consensual way.
  2. I will never push you farther than we have negotiated.
  3. When I decide something for you, I am doing it because I know what you need.
  4. I will challenge you to go farther than you ever imagined you could!

Most of all, we will both celebrate your successes, and explore together. You are never alone in your journey!