Dungeon of Horror

When you saw the ad in that BDSM group, you thought “Dungeon of Horror” was just a marketing thing for Halloween.  A fun party, some harmless fetish play.  Little did you know that the Mistresses here had plans for all you slaves.  When you arrived, I showed you to one of the dungeon rooms, and quickly had you naked and tied spread eagled to my rack.  You could hear the moans and screams of your fellow slaves, but you thought they were moans and screams of pleasure…not anguish!

In The Clutches Of The Succubus

You see, we Mistresses here at the Dungeon of Horror are not what we appear to be.  We’re all Succubi – demons of ancient lore, who steal men’s souls and energy through their cocks!  Think of us as sexual vampires.  Our fluid of choice is cum.  The more jizz we can extract from you, the stronger we become.  Oh, you think being able to cum over and over again will be fun?  They all think that!

Demon For Cock

I am a demon for cock.  I will stroke your dick, teasing you, delaying your orgasm, building up that load until I finally allow you to spurt, massaging your balls to make sure we get everything out…then start all over again.  With each orgasm, I will grow stronger, and you weaker.  When you think you can’t cum anymore when you’re begging me to stop?  I’ll slide one of my fingers up your ass and massage even more out of your prostate.  I won’t stop until I have it all.  Until your balls are dried up raisins, and you’re an empty, dry husk…and then I’ll start on my next victim!