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Cuckold, Were You Surprised By Your Hot Wife?

Finding your hotwife on your bed, with a hot, hung black bull buried balls deep in her wasn’t that much of a surprise, was it?  I guess that will teach you to come home early, won’t it?  You really didn’t have any idea what that creaking and squeaking, those slapping sounds were when you opened the door to an otherwise silent house?  Of course, you put two and two together when you opened the door to your bedroom and saw her, legs high in the air, his well-muscled ass flexing as he pounded the daylights out of her!

She Was A Slut When You Met Her

Delia and JackShe’s told you all the stories.  How she’d go out to frat parties in college and be the brother’s pump slut all night long.  The bar crawls when she’d wake up in a different bed every Saturday and Sunday, sometimes not even knowing the name of the guy next to her.  Always the Walk of Shame the next morning – although she always said she thought of it as a Walk of Pride!  As she told you the stories, and your cock grew and started to leak, she’d laugh and tell you how she’d had bigger, that your pindick just couldn’t compare.  Did you think putting a ring on her finger would change anything?

Your Cuckold Fantasy Has Come True

As you fished your cock out of your pants and started slowly stroking it, you realized this was what you’d wanted all along.  You just wish she’d have told you sooner because you’re positive this isn’t the first time she’s cheated on you – just the first time you caught her.  Then, you look out, and notice, she’s peering around his well-built body, looking right at you, an evil smile on her lips.  Then, silently, she mouths to you “Do not cum.”  You know your life as a chastity cuckold has just begun!