Pee Wee has a Shrinking Penis!

Anyone who loves and reads my blog will indeed know that I simply adore humiliation in all shapes, forms, and sizes! I love small penis humiliation so much, and also feminization humiliation. I had the pleasure of enjoying a delicious humiliation call with the lovely Goddess Mandy! We got to speak with pee wee….who happens to have a little penis that IS shrinking!

How Small is Your Penis?

A Shrinking Penis

When I first spoke to pee wee, he sent a bunch of humiliating pictures. One such picture showed that his little nub, when measured, was just at 4 inches. Oh YES, I am laughing thinking of that picture, and I REALLY wish I could post it to this blog. Sigh. When speaking to pee wee, he updated his measurements, and is now at 3.5 inches for his pathetic, tiny nub! So where did that half inch go, and does it really matter since it is such a small penis anyway?

A Worthless Penis

Want a bigger one?

Here is my theory. I think pee wee perhaps inflated his first measurement to seem “bigger” when he first sent pictures. But now that he is much more accepting of his teeny weeny status, and knows so many LDW Mistresses, he knows there is no need to inflate numbers. Pee wee is simply a loser sissy with a tiny nub!

Small Penis Punishment

Pee wee was gently humiliated and put into delicious subspace by me and Goddess Mandy for the better part of 2 hours. He confessed to recently dating a woman, but that ended after she saw his nubbin! He further confessed that even when he was with her, his teeny wee could not get hard. To get hard, he had to go down to his Mistress Shrine and think of us.

So maybe pee wee’s tiny peen is indeed shrinking. I love to think so! No matter though! It will always be useless. Pee wee will always be running around in seamless panties and soft nylons, will always be a leg-humper, will always need a strong Mistress to control him, and will be always humiliated!